Audrey Winkler Executive Director
Mitchell Rottenstreich Director of Operations
Amy Engel Director of Development, Marketing & Community Relations
Aisha Muslim Director of Organizational Management 
Tara Roberts Community Relations & New Business Initiatives Supervisor
Sandy Szydlowski Administrative Manager
Alicia Thor Manager of Quality Assurance & Medicaid Oversight
Sonya Kimble-Ellis Communications Specialist


Frank Bresnick Intake Coordinator
Sherry Scucci-Hamilton Clinical/Behavioral Supports Supervisor
Sherrill Welcome Clinician/Client Engagement Liaison
Lisa Fiore Work Readiness & Employment Engagement Manager
Michelle Rampersant-Faulk Shared Housing Supervisor
Kristina Mizzelle Shared Housing Manager
Nicole Rambone Engagement Manager (SWEA, Fitness & Athletics, Day Program)
Lillian Bush Social Wellness and Expressive Arts Assistant Supervisor
Michael Depoy Day Habilitation Program/Transition Supervisor
Kevin Barton Head Athletics Coach
Pat Ruggiero Residential/Community Based Supports Supervisor
Sasha Wynter Residential/Community Based Supports Assistant Supervisor
Andy Cratz Maintenance Supervisor
Patricia Taylor Client Nurse


full of nice, caring, wonderful staff.

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