Audrey Winkler Executive Director
Mitchell Rottenstreich Director of Operations
Amy Engel Director of Development
Aisha Muslim Director of Organizational Management 
Tara Roberts Community Relations & New Business Initiatives Supervisor
Sandy Szydlowski Administrative Manager
Alicia Thor Manager of Quality Assurance & Medicaid Oversight
Sonya Kimble-Ellis Communications Specialist


Frank Bresnick Intake Coordinator
Sherry Scucci-Hamilton Clinical/Behavioral Supports Supervisor
Kinga Lewinski Clinical/Behavioral Supports Assistant Supervisor
Lisa Fiore Work Readiness & Employment Engagement Manager
Michelle Rampersant-Faulk Shared Housing Supervisor
Kristina Mizzelle Shared Housing Manager
Nicole Rambone Social Wellness and Expressive Arts Supervisor
Lillian Bush Social Wellness and Expressive Arts Assistant Supervisor
Michael Depoy Day Habilitation Program/Transition Supervisor
William Mercer Day Habilitation Program/Transition Assistant Supervisor
Pat Ruggiero Residential/Community Based Supports Supervisor
Sasha Wynter Residential/Community Based Supports Assistant Supervisor
Andy Cratz Maintenance Supervisor
Jerica Best Athletics & Fitness Coordinator
Sherill Welcome Client Engagement Coordinator
Patricia Taylor Client Nurse


full of nice, caring, wonderful staff.

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