Aging in Place & The Michael Och House

At JESPY, we are committed to continuing to meet the changing needs of our clients, 40% of whom are 45-70 years old and most of whom have been at JESPY for 15+ years, within our South Orange community setting.

JESPY House’s Aging in Place initiative, funded by the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, fosters an environment in which our clients can continue to live within our client-centered, community-based setting throughout their senior years.

Improved wellness and health awareness for our senior clients is fostered through multiple supports:

  • increased nursing coverage for medical screenings as well as medical condition monitoring to address any concerns as quickly as possible
  • identification and treatment of aging clients with dual diagnoses using proven assessment tools for anxiety, depression, and other clinical areas
  • healthy living workshops, led by the JESPY nurse, clinical and behavioral supports team and guest facilitators, targeted to older clients and their families
  • on-site physical and occupational therapists to help clients engage in daily living, work and social activities
  • aging-appropriate safety and accessibility modifications, as well as adaptive furnishings, in all JESPY residential and program sites.

Overall JESPY’s Aging in Place initiative strengthens, expands and integrates services for our older clients so that they can maintain their independence and continue the relationships they have developed within the supportive JESPY community over many years.

JESPY House also welcomes new clients who have not yet sought services from JESPY, but who are requiring increased support as they age or when caregivers become incapacitated. 




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JESPY’S Newest Shared House:
The Michael Och House – A Center for Aging at JESPY

People today are living longer than ever, including adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Adults with I/DD experience age-related issues at a much earlier age than the general population, however, like most adults, those with I/DD prefer to remain in their own community as they age.

With the launching of our Aging in Place initiative in 2017, JESPY is putting in place programs and services to help our older clients remain part of the special community they have come to love – the community where they found independent lives they could call their own.

Many of our older clients continue to live independently in South Orange, but they have an increased need for additional supports including: medication monitoring, intensified case management, nursing oversight, physical and/or occupational therapy, and specialized clinical services to address age-related issues, such as loss of loved ones, anxieties, isolation and depression.

Our new shared house, dedicated to helping our clients to “age in place” allows clients to remain in South Orange, where they are comfortable and accepted by the South Orange and Maplewood community, while receiving the supports they need to stay safe and healthy.

Residents of this new JESPY shared house will continue to be part of the JESPY community, with the opportunity to participate in all the same activities and programs and to receive all the same services and supports. Van service will be available to clients and community involvement will be encouraged. Independence will remain the core of all Aging in Place efforts.

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