Health Education and Support

The Health Education and Support Department works to empower clients to understand and independently manage their health issues. The importance of healthy eating and good personal hygiene is emphasized and basic first aid procedures are explained. Support from a registered nurse helps clients feel comfortable with what they can do themselves and to know where to go when they need help.

As part of the client’s care team, at times the nurse may:

  • Collaborate with the case manager, daily living skills trainers and other JESPY staff members to support a client in minimizing health issues
  • At the request of the physician, monitor blood pressure, blood sugars, weight, etc. for those with more serious health issues
  • Visit a client in a hospital or nursing home to make certain that she/he is comfortable in the setting and advocate on behalf of the client when necessary
  • Establish a rapport with client physicians and facilitate appointment scheduling for serious or urgent needs
  • Assist case managers in helping the clients fulfill their treatment plans
  • Conduct group workshops on various health topics such as Healthy Eating Habits, Good Hygiene Techniques and Preparing for Flu Season.

Additional Support Services:
JESPY House can provide Occupational and Physical Therapy to individuals who need to increase mobility, strength, and endurance. This service is offered on-site and can be paid out-of-pocket or through DDD budgets for those who qualify.

As with all JESPY services, the Health Education and Support Department contributes to each client’s ability to be independent, safe and healthy.


being self empowered to take care of yourself

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