Residential Services

JESPY House offers three residential options, with individualized supports to match the different abilities of each client. The ultimate goal of residential programming is for a client to learn the skills necessary to live independently in the mainstream community in his/her own apartment with or without a roommate. The three options are described below:

Level 1 – Supervised Apartment

Most clients accepted into JESPY House begin at The Residence, a semi-structured, supervised apartment setting staffed with case managers and daily living skills counselors. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While living at The Residence, clients receive case management and focused training on independent living skills in their apartments eight hours each week. Targeted skills include:

  • Laundry, cleaning, and cooking
  • Weekly meal planning and shopping
  • Money management
  • Socialization
  • Health and safety

Apartments range in size from one to three bedrooms. Some bedrooms are singles, others accommodate two people.

Level 2 – Shared Housing

When a client has made considerable progress in mastering the skills taught at The Residence, but is not yet ready for independent living in the community, he/she may be transitioned to the Shared Housing Program.

In each of five shared houses, clients have their own bedrooms; other living and kitchen spaces are shared.  Four to six clients live in each house, cooking and eating together in a family-like setting. Each shared house has a house manager who also serves as the clients’ case manager. Daily living skills counselors continue their services, but at a reduced frequency versus clients in The Residence.

Since shared housing clients have achieved a certain level of independence, the houses are not supervised 24/7.

  • Mondays through Fridays, house managers are onsite during the day to assist residents, with house parents and other staff covering overnight.
  • On weekends, onsite coverage is available overnight.
  • At other times, a comprehensive Emergency Procedure is engaged should an urgent issue occur.

Level 3 – Independent Living Arrangements with Community-Based Supports

JESPY House clients who are proficient in daily living skills and who have been identified as having the necessary judgment and skills to safely live independently with supports, may transition to their own apartments or condominiums in the South Orange community.

While this housing is not JESPY-owned or managed, continued support services are available through JESPY’s Community-Based Supports Program. Each client is assigned a case manager to coordinate care, and daily living skills training is available.

Our staff has excellent working relationships with building owners, superintendents, neighbors and town officials. With the cooperation and assistance of family members, the staff may assist in coordinating moves into independent housing.

The South Orange business and residential community continues to be very welcoming to JESPY clients.  Many businesspeople, postal workers and bus drivers keep a watchful eye and express their concerns if they feel something is amiss so that JESPY staff can immediately follow up.

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