Transition Services

Times of transition can be the most exciting and challenging of a person’s life. What can I try next? Where am I going to live? Where will I meet new friends?

These are all questions anyone going through a transition in life will naturally ask. For those with an intellectual/developmental disability, these questions are often difficult to answer, especially, What happens after high school?

JESPY House Transition Services bring years of experience in helping young people with intellectual/developmental disabilities progress into the adult world. The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Working with high schools, we gently ease young adults into activities that best meet their needs.

Through the following JESPY services, young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities become empowered to gradually and confidently move away from their childhood services and begin to look towards the future as they:

  • try new things
  • make new friends
  • prepare for living as a more independent adult


Schedule an interview with JESPY’s Intake Coordinator to tour the program and discuss service options, by calling (973) 762-6909, Ext: 300.

Day Habilitation/Life Skills

Programming options are flexible and will be tailored to meet the client’s needs and interests. Each client is assigned a transitions team mentor who works with the client one-on-one to identify, set, and track individualized goals.

Our Transitions clients meet with a group specifically dedicated to their needs and goals in their own facility. In this unique real-life setting featuring a model apartment, they can comfortably socialize with peers while working on advancing their practical experience for living independently in a residential space.

Program goals and daily activities focus on:

  • Community integration, awareness and safety
  • Daily living skills (budgeting, meal planning, food preparation, kitchen safety, time management, laundry)
  • Travel training using NJTransit
  • Pre-vocational skills (job sampling, interest inventories, vocational skills development, weekly participation in a training site)
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Social and coping skills groups/education
  • Conflict resolution

 Social Wellness and Expressive Arts (SWEA)

JESPY House clients benefit from a well-rounded variety of recreational programs with an emphasis on community inclusion, each designed to develop their sportsmanship, creativity and social skills in our SWEA Program.

In addition to several different community trips each week, on-site group activities include photography, computer skills, poetry, gardening and the J-Street Band, to name a few.  These groups allow clients to work on targeted skill development in a fun and engaging way.

An Under 25 social group now helps clients socialize and familiarize themselves with others who are navigating their period of transition into adulthood. This approach strengthens the bond among new clients as well as with the greater community.


The JESPY Athletics Program offers year-round sports teams as well as personal training and exercise/fitness programs.

We are proud participants in the Special Olympics New Jersey Games, and represent the largest group of athletes in Essex County. Transitions clients who are not ready to able or do not wish to compete are welcome to participate in team practice.

Work Readiness and Employment Engagement

JESPY’s Work Readiness and Employment Engagement Department (WREE) encourages adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities to spread their wings and explore the world of employment.  As part of the Transitions Program, clients’ pre-vocational skills are fostered through:

  • job sampling
  • interest inventories
  • vocational skills development
  • weekly participation in a vocational training site

After high school, participants can move on to full WREE services which include:

  • comprehensive work readiness assessment
  • individual performance plan with attainable goals
  • job-related skill development training
  • employment support to foster success in their jobs


  • Assist with understanding the services and supports from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Assess/discuss clinical needs for referral to JESPY Clinical Services and/or 8-week behavioral health workshops.
  • Assist the family with future planning needs.

Weekday, weekend, evening and summer schedules are available.

A variety of service packages are available.


discovering who I am.

Michael Depoy
Day Habilitation and Transitions Supervisor

Frank Bresnick
Intake Coordinator

Jerica Best
Athletics Coordinator

Lisa Fiore
Employment Engagement Supervisor

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