Work Readiness and Employment Engagement (WREE)

The Work Readiness and Employment Engagement (WREE) Department implements up-to-date best practices from across the nation that include:

  • An emphasis on job-related skill development training, both onsite at JESPY and offsite, after a comprehensive work readiness assessment
  • Development of an individual performance plan for every client providing attainable goals reflective of their levels of ability and interests
  • Expansion of partnerships with community businesses, synagogues, churches and other nonprofit organizations that will:
    • provide a variety of work experiences in which clients can learn and develop skills
    • create more opportunities for our clients to engage in volunteer work or internships as well as part-time and full-time employment
  • Employment support that provides a consistent transition into the workforce, with WREE coordinators spending a majority of their time in the field monitoring each client’s performance and consulting with her/his employer
  • Development of group opportunities in which clients can broaden their knowledge of different work venues and jobs that may be available to them, including in-person and virtual work fairs, civic organization happenings, nonprofit association events, etc.

The Work Readiness and Employment Engagement Team provides a well-rounded support program for JESPY clients and encourages community inclusion through local volunteer and employment opportunities.

Clients who are not currently employed but wish to find volunteer, or part-time or full-time employment may receive additional support towards work readiness in the JESPY Day Habilitation Program.


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